A Public Insurance Adjuster (PIA) works only for you - not an insurance company, not a roofing company, not a repair company, or general contractor.

Hiring a PIA is an important protection for your rights as a policyholder.

Public Insurance Adjusters are licensed by the State of Texas to be claim advocates for policyholders.

When handling your claim, insurance companies use their own claims adjusters or contract with independent adjusters.

The insurance company’s job is to represent the insurance company’s interests.

The Public Insurance Adjuster focuses only on your interests.

An Example of Excellence.

Our story started a few months ago after our house caught fire. Our insurance company sent out a claims adjuster who proceeded to document the damage. After a couple of meetings with him we felt like we were being burned twice. With a little research we came to the conclusion that we needed to contact a public adjuster or PA, we called Eric Rozak at Viridian Property Solutions, who made us feel important on day one. Not only did he take charge of the situation, he walked us through the process step by step. He went above and beyond and maximized our settlement. Too many people go unappreciated and we want Eric and everyone to know how much we appreciate what he has done for us. So Thank You and God Bless.

Paul and Sandy Harpham

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