Step 1 -

A representative of Viridian Property Solutions (VPS) will send you a Representation Agreement for you to sign, typically via email.  This Letter of representation must be obtained and submitted to your insurance carrier promptly so that our public adjuster can get started right away on reviewing your claim in its entirety.

Step 2 -

After a thorough review, a formal estimate will be written to reflect what VPS feels is the correct payout for the damages on your claim. This estimate is then submitted to your insurance carrier.

Step 3 -

Once your insurer has our rep letter and estimate, they will review the claim and assign it to an adjuster if it hasn't already done so. This adjuster will either negotiate the claim over the phone or more likely, schedule to inspect or re-inspect the property. Typically, a re-inspection is scheduled where a representative of VPS will meet on site and compare our two outlooks on the project. This should occur within the first 30 days.

Step 4 -

Once a tentative agreement is reached, VPS will contact you and discuss the insurance company’s offer. If you agree to this offer, a check will be issued, often mailed directly to VPS. This check will have your name on it, as well as ours, and that of your lien-holder (if applicable). As a service, VPS will get the endorsements necessary and deposit the check into our business account and then distribute funds to you as soon as they have cleared.